Attariq [Archives:2003/666/Press Review]

September 8 2003

2 September 2003
Main headlines:
– Parliament discusses financial violations of some administrative units and local councils
– JMP in Aden denounces storming headquarters of Women Union
– Two persons from al-Abdulla killed in Mahfad
– Appeals court in Jibla listens to answers of American doctors' killer
– In al-Jumhouri hospital in Aden, investigations into transfusion of AIDS-polluted blood to a patient
Writer Eman Mahmoud Nasser there is much talk recently about at gatherings and meetings and even on satellite channels on the woman and her rights and her demand of those rights. The topic of the woman is portrayed as if it is the only main issue in the world. They have forgotten about wars and killings, Arab political frustrations, and corruption of the youth addiction on drugs and others. They have sidelined the outrageous volume of unemployment and poverty. We tell those people who are discussing the issue of women in such a monotonous way there are many other urgent issues to discuss. The question of the woman is very simple. The religion has legislated for her many things and granted her freedom in choosing her husband, keeping her money for herself and investing it, it did not name the jobs she is not allowed to practice and did not degrade her status. The religion did not limit her role to the house only though it is very important as it is the basis of society. It is not every woman able to establish a good and sound family or capable of raising children in a good way if she stayed at home and devoted herself to its affairs because the family also needs the man's role to help raise the children at home and to know problems of his children and help solving them.
The woman's demand for equality is meant to be the man's counterpart but to announce that she is present and to be dealt with fairly.