Attariq [Archives:2004/700/Press Review]

January 5 2004

30 Dec. 2003.
Attariq weekly,
30 Dec. 2003.

Main headlines
– Agreement on establishment of Sana'a grouping of Yemen, Sudan and Ethiopia, signed
– Restaurant worker in al-Tawahi stabs a young man
– Mahra branch oil company workers demand to be transferred

Columnist Khalid Ali Tuaiman says in his article our Arab regimes that have been keen on drawing their policies in a way corresponding and coordinated with the American policy in the region and offered repeatedly concessions for wooing consent of Uncle Sam and avoiding his anger, are now facing the dilemma of their popularity corrosion. For the American new strategy they have become forming a heavy burden and a source of internal bursts and explosions, difficult to predict their extent and their expected reflections on the American vital interests in the region.
Hence it could be inferred the sources of anxiety and fear dominating now most of the Arab regimes. The American scenario could be having two aspects. One of them could be heading for “democratization”” of these regimes in accordance with the goals and criteria serving the American targets in the region and the second one in the re-drawing of the political map by defining its features and boundaries in the way serving the undeclared conditions for the establishment of the new Middle East Order where Israel becomes the axis of political