Attariq [Archives:2004/704/Press Review]

January 19 2004

13 Jan 2004
Main headlines:
– The genera managers relieved of their posts in Lahj
– Arab parliamentarian: Problem of rule in the Arab homeland led to its backwardness
– Difference of the Yemeni regime does not prevent our joining the GCC
Columnist Ahmed Abdraba Alawi says for a long time we have been hearing of an orientation of concerned authorities to draw up a new policy for wages and salaries. Talks of officials about present wages are no longer useful beginning with the hectic rise of prices that crushed government employees and workers and there is no one who wouldn't complain and groan of the crisis of prices.
We have been calling for founding a balance between wages and prices through a national strategy. Undoubtedly he imbalance between wages and prices implies a sign of weakness in the national economy and pushes workers to look for extra jobs for the realization of balance that increases their wages at the expense of their original production and work and consequently decreases their production, affects the social justice and hinders the problem of population.
We would expect the government to implement goals of the balance between wages and prices through new measures and encouragement of investment to add new job opportunities, increase in rates of investment in industrial and agricultural areas and building bid national projects and restricted to small enterprises. The issue of wages and prices is of the main issues the government and parliament should always discuss and study because there is a full connection between wages and prices on the one hand and the building the national economy on the other.