Attariq [Archives:2004/720/Press Review]

March 15 2004

9 March 2004.
Main headlines
– 13 British security specialists in Hudeida seaport
– The court releases the journalist Saeed Thabit
– Drought threaten the people of Hubail Jabr areas
– Lahj motorcyclists appeal to the traffic authority

The writer Fua'd Saeed al-Matiri says certainly the principles of social justice, free education and medication and the right to work and housing as a theory and application remained defective because of the absence of democracy and human rights and freedom of press and political pluralism. All those are apparent in the western societies though their historical development was accompanied by the western colonialist thought that dominated lands, destinies and wealth of peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America.
The third year of the 21 century witnessed the re-emergence of the colonialist hegemony and its return through the unilateral pole of the political globalization and the iniquitous war on Iraq that resulted in the occupation of its territories and destruction of its institutions, and there s the project for the political democratic reform directed to the Arab League countries, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran with a clear American vision. Despite of our belief that the process of democratic reform is an internal question to be decided by states and peoples of those countries, the policy of imposing the fait accompli would be forced by the stick and carrot and economic blockade unless there is an Arab and international stand against it.