Attariq [Archives:2004/745/Press Review]

June 10 2004

1 June 2004
Main headlines
– Military men from Radafan appeal to the president
– New security appointees in Aden
– News on measles disease spread in Amran
– New American ambassador expert in terror issues
– A bomb explodes in Sayani area, Ibb
– Electronic press in Yemen goes in broad steps

Columnist Ahmed Ali Othman says there is no development and no stability with security to be felt by the ordinary citizen in the first place. The Yemeni society needs to use potentials and resources, particularly the creation of atmospheres supporting for raising the level of awareness among all segments of the people and enhancement the role of civilian organisations in order to help it reach the stage of rendering the law as an umbrella above all.
There is a program and many goals on the agenda of the ministry of interior it is trying to realize for the stabilization of security in the Yemeni society. The multi stages the ministry has completed in the process of security deployment in all governorates of the republic gives us a positive indicator on seriousness of dealing with the entire security question as par of the regional and international effort for combating terror and on the other hand part of the national effort for the association of security with development process to which our people are aspiring. for the achievement of stability and dignified life. the security issue is a general one and all have to participate in it, particularly the leadership of the ministry of interior.