Attariq [Archives:2004/771/Press Review]

September 9 2004

31 August 2004
Main headlines
– Fish wealth minister orders investigation into the decay of more than 11 tons of cuttlefish
– Teachers union welcomes dialogues for unifying the unionist work
– Military force helps release a retained trailer owned by the economic establishment
– Aden Chamber of Commerce sponsors a Saudi-Libyan trade agreement

Columnist Ahmed Ali Uthman says in his article it seems that the administrative and financial corruption has exceeded a scope that one cannot keep silent towards it. Corruption base has widened to a dangerous point and necessitates facing its dangers. We have to stress that life necessities of the citizen are the axis of our issue that we demand to be realized and to offer what we can to for the sake of guaranteeing its development. We seek to protect and keep our national constants and the human right to development and progress and none of us can ignore this right.