Attariq [Archives:2004/781/Press Review]

October 14 2004

5 Oct. 2004
Main headlines
– Yemeni arrested in America on charges of smuggling cigarettes
– Ministry of endowments discloses violations committed by agencies of Haj an Umra
– Governor of Taiz during opening of Ramadan exhibition: Group of Hayel Saeed an example should be followed

Columnist Aref al-Dhirgham says the term of “The believing youth”, a term called on some youth whose names were related to Hussein Badrudin al-Houthi who was killed after his rebellion against the authority of Yemen. What concerns us in this regard is the term's essence. There is nothing wrong about the name, it is bearing a sublime meaning, and consequently the ideas that it should contain would inevitably be of the same depth and sublimity. We are actually in need of believing youth free from sins and that of rushing behind life's temptations, serving their country and religion.
We are in need of believing youth realize problems of the age and its challenges, contribute, and think of about how to deal with and confront those challenges that form a danger against our nation, people and homeland in a manner staving off the bad consequences. Our youth should be characterized with the belief that violence is not the ideal method for the achievement of goals but rather by peaceful struggle and truthful word.