Attariq [Archives:2005/842/Press Review]

May 16 2005

10 May 2005
Main headlines

– Torrential rains sweep 3 citizens and a mosque in Abyan

– Prosecution discloses information on an organisation called the general organisation of unity detachments

– Increase in polio cases reaching a total of 60

– A lawsuit changes constitutionality of sales tax law

– Traffic accidents kill 10 thousand people in the last five years

– Continuous outages of electricity in Shabwa

– Italy offers one million and 300 thousand euros to support health in Yemen.

The writer Hassan Bin Hassaynoun says much has been written about corruption and the corrupt in Yemen. This is allowed in Yemeni norms, constitution and laws. However, the prohibited and most dangerous in the Yemeni dictionary and norm is mentioning any of the corrupt, whether he was high ranking or ordinary because it is considered a kind of label.

There is full freedom in talking and writing about corruption in official and non-official press so that people can express their ideas and deflate souls of accumulations to avoid explosion. The regime boasts of permitting such talk and writings showing that there is a freedom of the press that can criticize to talk about corruption and other issues. In other words, there is a unique and special form of democracy in the Arab region. To name the corrupt is the crime and woes onto him who dare o write in black and white about the corrupt. The writer queries by asking who is responsible for corruption at a time when all talk about it starts from the top of the pyramid to the last journalist, but none of them wants to approach it and capture it red-handed to be punished. The fact is that the enemy of corruption is not ambiguous or unknown. We all know it with all its specifications and features but we deal with it with leniency and respect.