Attariq [Archives:2005/844/Press Review]

May 23 2005

17 May 2005
Main headlines

– Chinese companies accept to develop Aden's oil refinery

– Legal measures expected against the two parties of People's Forces and al-Haq

– Prosecution presents documents on plots to assassinate al-Eryani and Bajammal

– Shoura Council stresses the importance of developing performance of official media

– University unions appeal to Sana'a University teachers to return to work

Writer Salem al-Hadhrami says the United Nations Organisation bears great responsibility for protection of the states and their citizens against violations of the human rights law and protection of security and peace in the world. Nevertheless, much of negative work, administrative weakness and hyperactive excess of circumstance and difficulties the organisation is experiencing overshadow those and other tasks. It is incapable of meeting its commitments stipulated in the UN charters. People have found themselves in certain cases unable to depend on the UN to protect them from their governments or protect their states from hegemony and control of other countries.

It seems the international organisation is seeking to seriously introduce radical reforms to its international and monitoring activity. This would ensure advancement in the pioneering role it is entrusted with at a time it is under the phenomenon of flagrant control and interference by the great powers, particularly the United States that always stands openly by the Zionist entity through using the veto right.