Attariq [Archives:2005/856/Press Review]

July 4 2005


– The increase in basic commodities prices in Yemen

– Demand to instate of constitutional mechanisms for tax collection

– Recording 50 cases of cheating in the exams

– Yemen requests SKA to hand over wanted people

– About the OIC conference

– 100$ minimum for employees salaries


– Dengue fever in Shabows:

The report by Saleh Abdullah Maqlam is about the spread of this fever and means to combat it, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the people in charge.

– Another main feature of the issue was about the chamber of commerce and its demand to cancel the unconstitutional articles from the sales tax law, a petition was sent to the president along with complaints from the member of parliament


– Members of parliament

Fowd Saeed alMatori says in his column that the members of parliament are questionable to the people who elected them and that they were ordinary people before the citizens elected them to represent the local people in the parliament and stand up for their rights and to their best interests. And it is only fair to ask them what they have done so far.

He also argues about the pensions and privileges should not extend to after the post is over. In other words these are not ministers and so they should not enjoy the pensions when their time at the parliament is over.

– Political reform in Egypt:

This was the title of the editorial of this newspaper in the back page where it says that the latest observations of the opposition's demonstrations in Egypt were not stopped by the security forces, which means that the Egyptian government has understood the instructions given from USA well.

It says that the opposition demands that there is no extention of Mubarak's rule, and that the emergency law which is running since the assassination of late president alSadat is over and to amend the current laws that limit freedoms.

The article concludes that the Arab regimes should start adapting with the changes and the new reforms especially in light of the international changes and globalisation and that is a very difficult equation to solve.