Attariq [Archives:2006/934/Press Review]

April 3 2006

28 Mar 2006
Main headlines

– Information on mass graves at Al-Khadad and Darulabadil in Lahj

– Al-Jifri: The question of the south, an indicator that the homeland is unified as land and divided as humans

– Masdous: Solving the question of the south will reform the political system

– Members from YSP of Hadramout organization resigned

– Nabil Khouri: Our movements and contacts with political activities have not changed

– Women from Aden complain the Elections Supreme Commission

Writer Mohammed Jaafar Mohammed Nasser says we in the Arab world are still lacking in knowledge that democracy is an endless series of changes and transformations.

The writer maintains asking about the time and effort we need to establish democracy especially that our situations are full of challenges from poor education, low standard of economy, spread of unemployment, spread of corruption, bad distribution of wealth and authorities and foreign interventions. Thus it is reasonable to mention that the measures for establishment of democracy are of the most complicated matters under these miserable conditions. The task will require long struggle and commitments built on solid foundations by all forces of the people. some say that democracy coming from outside may lead to shake our national and cultural identity and threaten our sovereignty , but when we talk about establishment of democracy we may call for establishment of the principles of Shoura (consultancy)and stabilization of principles of Islamic law.

He is mistaken who thinks there is what prevents us from acquiring whatever we can from the west democracy if that leads to results serving the people with protection and preservation of their dignity and freedom. It is also out of exaggeration to think that the cultural identity is decided by the dominating governments or is defended and protected by the authority establishments. The cultural identity is a mixture of the people's feelings and spirit in language, history, religion and destiny. It gets strengthened under freedom and ability of individuals to taking part in drawing up education systems and curricula and giving prominence to the media address that bears their voices.