Attariq [Archives:2006/962/Press Review]

July 10 2006

4 Jul 2006
Main headlines

– In response to the threat against the party's general secretariat and sticking to rectifying the course of the unity and removal of war consequences, YSP in Dhalie refuses elections and calls for boycotting them

– Technical failure in “Al-Saleh” ship at Aden port

– The parliament receives applications of nomination for the president post

– Citizens complain against Qaataba security chief

Writer Ayman Mohammed Nasser Mohammed writes on reconciliation saying no doubt any god citizen who loves his people and country would welcome any call for reconciliation and tolerance as long as it is a great end rather than a means for the realization of some in their attempt to attain power over heads of the people and exploitation of their suffering.

Talking about any reconciliation is supposed to be associated with clear bases and vision including recognition of the mistake and condemnation those practices as well as drawing up perception for guarantees on not repeating those tragedies at present and in the future.

Tolerance will usually be a result of an effort of transparent frankness and reconciliation and then comes tolerance. Without that it will be just a political act to muster thousands of citizens under this banner. We much concerned to register our respect to all those who at al-Dhalie meting “We have to tackle the past with transparency”, which means that disclosing the facts does not contradict reconciliation.