Attariq [Archives:2006/976/Press Review]

August 28 2006

22 Aug. 2006
Main headlines

– The GPC \announces its support for all woman candidates from political parties and independent

– A candidate from Shabwa insists on his legal right in nomination to the local councils elections

– 700 soldiers of both sexes appeal to the president

– Governor of Hadramout personally follows up the governorate's projects

– General Prosecution interrogates chairman of the board of directors of the housing loans bank

Writer Ayman Mohammed Nasser says in an article the upcoming local councils elections are an important stop in our life as it is supposed to form an important qualitative transfer in our life through the political and social action that is supposed to bring about qualitative renewal in the political representation.

This logical and beautiful talk remains theoretical in the light of the big probability that the local elections will reproduce the same existing situations regardless of the proportion of opposition or the ruling party. This supposition is based on the reality of the Yemeni political elites, whether in the opposition or ruling are the same for 30years and renewal I its best forms is rather nominal, where mentalities and concepts of the old guard remain he more influential.