Attariq [Archives:2007/1016/Press Review]

January 15 2007

9 Jan. 2007
Main headlines

– News on Saudi mediation between Yemen and Kuwait by King Abdullah to contain dispute between Sana'a and Kuwait

– In a comment on refusal of the release of Basma al-Zaghiur, director of the central prison attributes the refusal to prosecution

– Saudi company willing to invest in Hajjah

– A study on fish projects to be resented to Investment Opportunities Conference

– To discuss post-London donor conference, the British state minister for foreign affairs arrives in Sana'a

Writer Omar Saeed Ba-Albahiuth says in his article the phenomena of condemning the execution of the ousted Iraqi president Saddam Hussein has come rather late, whether in Iraq, the theatre of events and killings under the name of positive chaos, or in other Arab countries. It was supposed that stand should have been taken immediately after the court had issued the death sentence.

We could not call it a simultaneous action serving the freedom of expression as much as what can be explained as behind it there are narrow sectarian and partisan greed of participating in sharing the pie, maybe the American administration helps in instigating it and pushes it after the absence of the ghost of Saddam dominating the conscience if the Iraqi politics even after toppling him and the Baathist regime. It is the man who had arrived in power in an American train and we wonder what will be the fate of those attained power on board of an American T 52 plane?

There might be some ambiguity or premeditated intention by those who sped up the implementation of the death sentence, who have offered their service to Iran. Iran announced its joy in person of its president in the revenge from Saddam, here is now the Iraqi government finding itself in an impasse, especially at the moment of execution. Executioners chanted slogans for Muqtada al-Sadr and al-Mahdi army instead of chanting for justice, the republic and democracy and unity. In all events the execution was a deformation of the image of the new democratic regime in Iraq.