Attariq [Archives:2007/1022/Press Review]

February 5 2007

30 Jan. 2007
Main headlines

– After clashes between security forces and al-Houthis, an official told Attariq an armed Shiite group threatened the Jews of Saada

– Asking Faraj bin to form the new government is expected

– The president calls on the Houthis to surrender their weapons

– Former Yemeni prisoner in Guantanamo relates the story of his transfer between prisons

– Employees of Container Port demand saving the port

– Al-Tarb: Yemen needs administrative reform and councils specialized in expertise

– Security forces intensify protection for the Jews of Saada

Writer Arif Dhirgham says in his article there is no doubt that the development and civilization of any people is measured by their scientific and cultural outputs and their impact on the society. It maybe useful to remind that the work on this equation is the common denomination and the axis of concepts and ideas that should be proceeded from in drawing up a central plan by research centers for setting up study programs and education curricula. These curricula should be compatible with orientations of the society and deal with its needs and requirements according to a pre-plan working for pushing the society in a horizontal form as a beginning. This will be an introduction to the formation of a scientific encyclopedia meeting the society's aspirations for ending what remains of illiteracy spread among its ranks.

The teacher is the indispensable tool in the process of implementation; he is the essence if this process and the builder of societies, minds and souls. The students who learn at his hands and train under his supervision will in the future be a developed image of him and a ripe fruit for a healthy plantation in a fertile soil good producing quantity and quality.

Upon that the teacher must be a good example for his students and must entertain good moral and cooperation and sense of responsibility. He has to be capable of creating fatherly or brotherly relations with his students so that to be able to attain the goal of teaching.