Attracting investors to Yemen [Archives:2005/821/Letters to the Editor]

March 3 2005

Mohamed Haidar
[email protected]

I read your recent editorial about investing in Yemen and your question of whether invitations of investors to Yemen are not enough. I agree what you wrote and the matter is not low of investment but the problem is the authorities people dealing with low to be on the way of action.

They are not smart to deal with the new type economy standard of this century. So we have to choose the right person on the right place. Look what is going in Dubai most of them are educated and technologist younger people of UAE moving and giving for Dubai this type of condition of economy.

We all believe there are a lot of educated younger Yemeni people around the world can involved to make our country potential and great country. So first of all we have to look new minded and techno younger who they can doing on new system according new world economy system.

This technology century need to remove all old minded and obstacles people to have by great economy system for our country. Otherwise can not improve the situation of economy development just saying we have a nice low of investment. Also we have to see our representative in each embassy office and in each government office who is perfect to make action according the new idea of economy standard. So on this behave I hope if there is desire nothing impossible to have and doing it so inshaalah we will see our country having a great future.