Awarding party at Mu’ath Scientific Society [Archives:2004/780/Local News]

October 11 2004

A party organized by the Mu'ath Scientific Society for Qura'an and al-Sunnah Services in Taiz was held on Thursday 7th October. The party was held in celebration of the conclusion of the final competitions in Quran memorization in the hall of Taiz Tourism Club. The awarding party was conducted in cooperation with the International Association for Qura'an memorization, and was attended by Taiz Governor, the Judge Ahmed Abdullah al-Hijri, and a number of Parliament Council members, scholars, and general managers of executive offices and local councils in addition to students of Quran. The party was started by recitation of a verse from the Quran after which speeches on the occasion were presented. This meeting was the fifth consecutive year for the Society to organize such a competition. The competition for this year was participated by 67 male and female students representing fifteen parties concerned in Qura'an memorization. The speeches emphasized the necessity of sticking to the teachings of the Qura'an and al-Sunnah besides the importance of creating a generation enjoying correct understanding of Islam. Meanwhile, poetic verses and chants were delivered throughout. The Governor of Taiz, Judge Ahmed Abdullah al-Hijri, and Shiekh Mudhaj Abdulla bin Hussain al-Ahmer, a member of the Parliament council, and Abdul Malek Dawood awarded the winners of the competition, as well as the supporting and supervising parties of the competition.