Backward Muslims vs. prosperous West! [Archives:2004/727/Letters to the Editor]

April 8 2004

B D Higgs
[email protected]

Islamic Militants say that the Western way of life is decadent and they protest against it. They feel that it is wrong to drink alcohol, but they don't see anything wrong with bombing train stations, throwing Molotov cocktails into cars, killing hundreds of men, women and children whom they don't even know, and destroying property.
Tell me, why is a life of murder, mayhem and terror preferable to a Western way of life? Muslims are quick to condemn our way of life, but where is the condemnation for these acts of terror? Why do the militants feel that life as they live it is even desirable? The way Muslims live is backwards. Why would anyone want to live like that? In your country, you can't even use your water after 6:00 at night. Your washing machines are 40 years behind ours and your health care and education systems are way behind.
Why would women want to have to wear long, black hot clothing and suffer in the heat and be afraid to go out in public with a few strands of hair showing? Why would anyone prefer a life of hardship, terror, fear and lack of even the most basic things such as indoor toilets that flush, water, telephones and freedom!
Do these psychotic Muslim extremists really feel that by blowing people up and terrorizing the world they will make their way of life so attractive that we, the rest of the world, would give up our life style to adopt theirs? They are insane! What do they think they can accomplish by murder?
Muslims blame every problem in the world on America and American allies, but your own country has its hand out for millions of dollars in aid from USA, every year. By committing acts of terror, all the Muslims are accomplishing is making all the non-Muslims of the world think that all Muslims are insane, psychotic, brutal terrorists, who are to be feared and not trusted, and they will cause us all to hate them. Then they wonder why people feel that way. And the rest of the Muslim world, including the leaders of your countries, and the reporters in your countries, who fail to condemn these acts, show by the failure to condemn them, that they support them and feel the same way.
In every issue of your own newspaper, your reporters sound off about the big evil Satan, America. And your political cartoon is always about America or Israel. But never a word of condemnation against terrorists. And when their own country is hit by acts of terror or even acts of nature, such as the earthquakes in Iran, which country do they go to for aid? And if the Muslim way of life is so wonderful, then why is the Muslim world so poor?
Give me the safe, sane, free, advanced, prosperous Western way of life over the fear ridden, poverty stricken, restrictive way of life any day!