Banaadiris are not Somalis [Archives:2004/784/Letters to the Editor]

October 25 2004

Hussein G
[email protected]

I don't have a lot to say, but I'd like the author of 'the culture of people of Banaadir to elaborate on terming some parts of Somalia like Barawe, Mogadishu, Afgoy, Marka and others as 'the native land of Arabs! I only know that Somalia belongs to black African people. Therefore, it's wrong to ever argue that some Arabs, namely Banaadiris, are natives of Somalia, part of Africa.
If you Banaadiris come from Yemen, then you should go back to your motherland, because Somalia is a land, which belongs to Kushites. Some Kushitic people including Somalis and Oromos are the first people to settle in what's now called Somalia. They came here from southern Ethiopia long before you Banaadiris, or Arabs in other words, thought of coming to our beautiful land.