Basic education projects hobbled [Archives:2004/775/Local News]

September 23 2004

A parliamentary report released last month revealed a number of shortcomings and obstacles to the expansion of basic education by either establishing new schools or adding to existing ones.
Through field visits, the Parliament's Education Committee perceived that work on schools by contractors has stopped under the pretexts of the rise in iron prices, and the delayed payment by the committee responsible for giving them their wages.
The report added that projects conducted up until last March in three governoartes lacked resident technical supervisors to monitor the fulfillment of specifications, and that the lack of coordination between consultant offices on one side and the education ministry's offices on the other, has slowed down the pace of projects.
The parliament slashed the meager allowances to the operation of the projects (1% of local component of each project). It also criticized the unwillingness of citizens to pay society's contribution towards projects which has led to transferring some projects from district to district.