Be optimistic for 2005 [Archives:2005/807/Letters to the Editor]

January 13 2005

Barbara K
[email protected]

First of all, I would like to convey my greetings on the advent of the new year. But I also must say that somehow, I saw much negativity in your editorial welcoming the year 2005.

God is our tourniquet. To return to us salvation, much may be needed. So let us go forward, not dwelling on the past but to look for the future, and not to sweat the, “small stuff” Things can not be accomplished over night. It is a slow, slow process. It is slow and deliberate. Education and more of it is the key.

I know in the year 2005 “things” will only get better for Yemen and the World!

In any small or great way it will be a matter, it will make a difference.

Come together because United we Stand Divided we Fall, “we have no choice we stand and United for the Good of Humanity!

Furthermore, in reference to a recent editorial you wrote about Muslim radical preachers, I would like to say that I am a member of three on line Muslim communities, although I am not Muslim gosh I love this religion and am studying it, and as may convert one day,.

But please allow me to get to the point, In my clubs this is also their mentality their rationalization of this catastrophe, was the same as your preacher, at your Mosque, Bless you pilgrim you are too smart.

I wrote my clubs told them no my God my Allah my Lord will not kill innocent men women and children. I also added my God my Allah My Lord is now participating in the feeding and the healing of these peoples…….that's what my Lord is doing he is right now bring every nationality and religion to their aid.

I believe in your Allah the same.

Thank you, You are so smart I could never have written it the way you did, God Bless you, and Peace be upon you, as you and I and others like us know How peaceful their Lord is, as I pray for the orphans, Oh how sad, the homeless you know they are going to need us for a long time a million people!