Beekeepers trained in Socotra [Archives:2006/970/Local News]

August 7 2006

SOCOTRA, Aug. 5 ) The second training course on breeding bees concluded on Wednesday in Socotra, targeting twenty beekeepers in the island. The three-day training was organized by Socotra Conservative Development Program (SCDP), in cooperation with Bees Breeding Project funded by the French Embassy in Sana'a.

A number of experts attended the training and delivered theoretical lectures on the lives of bees. The French expert Kmel Sergent presented a lecture on bees' life and breeding. She also referred to the relation between plants and bees.

Beekeepers were trained on how to deal with bees and how to use tools for bees. They were also shown a scientific movie on bees. Participants also discussed the possibility of establishing an association for beekeepers in an effort to improve the performance of beekeepers in the island.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tery Sergent, coordinator of the Bees Breeding Project, said the training targets 100 beekeepers to be trained in groups, each group will include twenty beekeepers. The training, he added, will include a practical program to be done in November. This training program started in 2003, where fourteen beekeepers were trained.

The training aims to domesticate bees in Socotra, and help beekeepers get accustomed to the modern means in dealing with bees, and aims also to improve the beekeepers' status.