BEEP 2003 report released [Archives:2003/660/Local News]

August 18 2003

The 2003 mid-term, Basic Education Expansion Project, BEEP report has been recently published.
The report has focused primarily on the main objective of the BEEP, its components, implementation arrangements, project budget and funding resources, project general initial design.
The project coverage extended to all districts of the four governaorates of Sana'a, Amran, Al-Mahweet and Dhale.
The steering committee decided on the basis for the preparation of the 2003 plan and schools selection criteria as well as the share of districts.
Therefore, the 2003 program is to include the construction of 317 new schools, extension and rehabilitation of 244.
The BEEP workplan for year (2001) includes the following: –
– School construction, extension, and rehabilitation.
– School maintenance program for project's schools.
– Improving teacher skills and deployment of teachers, training and hiring plan
– Supplying school furniture, equipment and education kit, planning, monitoring and evaluation
– Project management support
The BEEP workplan for year (2002)
– Construction of new schools in four governorates( Sana'a, Amran, Al-Mahweet and Al-Dhale).
– Schools Rehabilitation & Extension
– Preparation for Year 3 program in the 4 Project Governorates
– Teacher training
– Preparation of training program
– Training Programs
– Teacher deployment and hiring plan
– Provision of Equipment
– Provision of Educational kits
– Furniture repair and maintenance
– Capacity Building
The Community Participation (CP) included:
-Preparation of a Detailed Program for CP activities
– Implementation of CP activities
– Operation support for CP activities.
– Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.
– Routine Annual School Survey.