Being called ‘Anti American’ is normal [Archives:2003/662/Letters to the Editor]

August 25 2003

J. Shamaj
[email protected]

Regarding the Editorial on American attitude towards its citizens against American policy, I want to say that what is going on today in America (of people not liking Americans who speak out against American policies i.e.. war on terror, Iraq, etc..) is normal. Every nation, every people throughout the history of our human race have grown stricter towards the “minority” of people with opposing views in “times of war”. America is at war … anyone showing feelings for – say Taliban or Fundamental Muslims, for e.g. – would normally feel the heat of the “majority” of Americans who are in line with their government.
In fact, what is happening today in America is unprecedented in mankind's history .. Thank God for their rooted human values they are at least not crucifying anyone showing sympathy for their foes.
If Yemen were to be at war with, (say Christians), the Yemenis would crucify all Christians on Yemeni streets. For God's sake, we saw the hatred and ill feelings for Southerners living in North Yemen during the Civil War in 1994.
A nation at war “naturally” becomes “extra” sensitive to anyone showing sympathy with the “other” side. No one on this earth can blame the Americans for what we humans naturally do.
To the Yemen Times: “It's about time we all stop playing 'Holier than thou'” Your newspaper used to be a great paper prior to 1999, please try your utmost to carry on the founder's legacy of transparency.