Bin Laden Group builds Shaqra-al-Mukala road project [Archives:2003/676/Local News]

October 13 2003

Sana'a, 11 Oct._The Ministry of Public works and Roads signed on Monday 9 October a $55 million and 200 thousand-worth agreement with Bin Laden Group for Contracts for building a 421 km-long coastal road linking Shaqra and Mukala.
The road consists of three parts; the first 114 km-long connecting Shaqra and Ahwar, the second 152 km-long between Ahwar and al-Nsheema and the last one joins between al-Nsheema and Mukala and is of 155 km long.
The agreement includes digging and paving the second part of the road and bridges construction as well as maintaining the first and third parts of it in conformity with specifications of eastern Arab countries, members of ESCWA.