Blind violence in Lebanon [Archives:2006/969/Letters to the Editor]

August 3 2006

By: Paul Kokoski.
[email protected]

Terrorism is and always will be a show of inhuman ferocity that, precisely for this reason, will never be able to solve conflicts among human beings. Only reason and love are the valid means of surpassing and resolving disputes between people. No situation of injustice, no feeling of frustration, no philosophy or religion can justify such an aberration.

The recent cycle of blind violence we are witnessing in Lebanon is the result of scandalous injustices and imbalances that create conditions favoring an uncontrollable explosion of the desire for revenge. When fundamental rights are violated, it is easy to fall prey to temptations of hatred and violence. Nonetheless, we must keep in check our base impulses and together work to build a global culture of solidarity that restores hope in the future to the young.

Presently we must raise our prayers for an immediate cease-fire to the fighting in the Middle East, for humanitarian corridors to be opened in order to bring help to the suffering peoples, and for international leadership in new efforts to open negotiations that could lead to a lasting settlement.

In reality, the Lebanese have the right to see the integrity and sovereignty of their country respected, the Israelis the right to live in peace in their State, and the Palestinians have the right to have their own free and sovereign homeland.