Boring website [Archives:2006/953/Letters to the Editor]

June 8 2006

By: Walid
[email protected]

I am a Yemeni immigrant in the US. I have loved this newspaper since (Almarhoom..Alssaqaf) the founder was alive before he had a car accident. It was a good paper and a great source of information about Yemen. The Internet version setting was so good and so beautiful. Now, it is boring: the new setting is not good at all and it lost its popularity around the world. You guys need to use the same setting and the same way of posting or reporting the news as other papers. Can you add Yemeni live radio broadcasts or live Yemeni television to your website so that readers can watch or listen to our country's news andother live programs like every country in this world?

Thank you for your interest in the Yemen Times. The bad news is that we acknowledge that the website is boring and needs updating. The good news is that we are almost done with our new site. We plan to launch it in July or by August at the latest.

The editor