Bracing for another term for Bush [Archives:2004/777/Letters to the Editor]

September 30 2004

Robert Lindh
[email protected]

Thank you for an excellent article “911 -Rescue”.
I think that the Arab and Moslem world had better be prepared for another 4 years of Bush. The majority of Americans support war as long as it kills mostly non-Christians. As Mr. Bush stated “you are either for us (Christians) or against us. So, the slaughter of Iraqi civilians will continue for years to come. Make no mistake, Mr. Bush and his chief supporters, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell want to destroy the Moslem religion and convert the Middle East to Christianity. With the destruction of Iraq, the U.S. is like the camel with his nose under the tent. Only until you see the entire camel in your tent will you understand what has happened.
There is but one solution. The U.S. can abide a war where the slaughter is 40 to 1. That is, 40,000 Iraqis for 1000 American troops. But if the death toll becomes, say, 10 to 1, then the U.S. politicians will be forced to abandon Iraq and their plans to invade Iran and Syria. And there is only one effective weapon available to the Iraqi resistance and that is suicide bombing of U.S. troops. It is a cruel alternative, but without fighting for your country and your beliefs, the U.S. will swallow you up. Mr. Bush is a tyrant and a brutal Christian Crusader – as 30,000 butchered Moslem Iraqi women and children would tell you from their graves. And Bush's slaughter of the innocent has only begun. I wonder sometimes just how many of you he will kill before you act in defense. Certainly we will have the opportunity to find out the next four years.