British policy: still the same [Archives:2003/635/Letters to the Editor]

May 12 2003

Nadil Ahmed
[email protected]

British policy is still the same. It divides and rules, kills millions of people around the world, they divided the whole Arab world and sold a lot of arms to them. In the same way they divided India and South America, and then sold arms to them.
But then, the British and the Americans are glad to see their efforts successful in leaving us far behind. We, in the Arab world including Yemen, need to work on industrialization to produce machinery and other products such as vehicles and sell them to other Arab countries. This way, we could create a lot of jobs. It is a shame that Arabs have not yet started producing even small cars. They failed to decentralize governments and have not yet adopted check tax pay systems like Western countries. Arab regimes still prohibit private free TV and radio stations. Only if they open up will they create more awareness of democracy and get more business and ideas.
The Brits continue to divide us culturally and even religiously. Look at the mess in Iraq concerning Shiites and Sunnis. They are glad that Arabs have put non-believer in one town and believers in another. They indirectly resulted in creating gaps between low and high income citizens. Unless we get rid of those strings that were attached to us since the early British colonials, as Arab countries, we will never develop or progress.