British woman gets harassed by Yemeni authorities [Archives:2007/1014/Letters to the Editor]

January 8 2007

Nada Al-Hamadani
[email protected]

For several months my mother, Mrs. Al-Hamdani, a British citizen has been threatened and harassed by individuals who are in power within the general attorney office in Aden. Al-Hamdani's family who are currently living in the U.K. explained to British government Foreign Ministry that Al-Hamdani has been battered with assaults from the local authorities of Sheikh Othman area in Aden. Those assaults have been ordered by the director of the general attorney office in order to take over Al-Hamdani possessions and property within the area.

We, Al-Hamdani's family, are pleading for help from the British government, Members of Parliament and the Foreign Ministry to take any actions in order to protect our mother in Yemen from the serious threats that she is experiencing at this moment.

Harassments and threats are being used against Al-Hamdani on daily basis; her family stated that those people who are in the local authorities are physically harassing Al-Hamdani properties, and possessions. The Al-Hamdani family go on to explain that the extent of this harassment has reached damaging Al-Hamdani's possessions and opening gunfire on the family's lands which put a lot of people at a real risk.

We already asked for help from the Yemeni's government and requested them to solve the issue and protect their mother from the serious danger she is put in because of those individuals that are operating in the Sheikh Othman area. However, Al-Hamdani and her property and are still in danger of assaults from those individuals that are acting with the knowledge of the local police.

In a special appeal to the President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Al-Hamdani's family asked the president to interfere and solve the situation that their mother is facing because her health condition cannot take the pressure much longer. They have asked the president to stop those individuals who are taking advantage of their official positions within the local authorities to harm people and their possessions for the sake of their own personal gains and benefits.

Al-Hamdani's family explain that those individuals don't follow the laws that have been issued in order to protect their mother and people like her, and they have crossed all the lines that have been set by the court in order to stop them from harassing Al-Hamdani. It is important for both the Yemeni and British government to be involved in the protection of my mother, and her personal possession and property, because they are concerned if the problem doesn't get solved now, the consequences will be fatal and many innocent people's lives will be put in serious danger.

Worse is that the government newspaper, 14th October on its issue dated 26th December, published that the president granted the land to unlawful people. It is astonishing and appalling how an official newspaper can make such a grave mistake without even checking. This happened just one day after the president himself said he would look into the issue as per reports from his office. How much deeper a mess can this country go into?