Burnt gas lorry blocks highway [Archives:2004/714/Local News]

February 23 2004

By Hassan Al-Zaidi
Yemen Times Staff

A tank lorry loaded with gas diverted off its path on the highway near bin Ghailan region around 50 km from Sana'a, on route to Mareb last Thursday, and turned over, resulting in a massive explosion and consequent fire, causing the temporary blocking of the highway.
The incident stopped movement between the two governorates for one full day until firemen and facilities could remove the charred vehicle, whose driver was killed.
This is not the first incident of its kind on this highway, as dozens of such lorries move back and forth to transport gas and oil from Safer refineries in Mareb governorate to Sana'a and other cities.
Those lorries are a great threat to the residents of villages and towns on the way, especially when they are not inspected for maintenance, or when their drivers are driving recklessly causing accidents that claim lives, block roads and cause damage.