Bush & Blair are war criminals [Archives:2003/632/Letters to the Editor]

April 21 2003

Ron Jones
[email protected]

I have been faithfully reading your column for a few weeks now and wish more Americans could read it. I guess I should say I wish they were aware of the accessibility to your column through the internet. It is nice to get the view point of someone near to the scene and not the propaganda put out by many of the U.S. news agencies. Bush and Blair should be tried as war criminals, because 'yes', this attack was all about oil. There were no weapons of mass destruction but that is being swept under the carpet and they are trying to turn attention away from the fact. All the American soldiers and innocent civilians that died were killed for nothing. Now Bush is trying to suggest that Syria is guilty of violations. He is out of control and carrying out his own agenda at the expense of the American people. I know in my heart there will more 9-11 type attacks in retaliation. What bothers me is that it will be innocent people that will die, while it should be Bush and Blair who should be prosecuted. I did read in an American newspaper that Rumsfeld wanted to go after Iraq when Reagan was president. Reagan was another warmongering fool with his attack on Libya. I hope the world wakes up and more importantly the U.S. to the real elements of the axis of evil, Bush and Blair.