Businessmen support Hadramout University of Science and Technology [Archives:2005/833/Local News]

April 14 2005

The Hadramout University of Science and Technology witnessed over the last two years a variety of activities and constructive projects, which were implemented by a group of Saudi businessmen and academics who were of Hadrami origins.

One of these businessmen was Sheikh Abdullah Ahmad Baqshan who plays the role of coordinating and contacting other Saudi businessmen and Yemeni expatriates and urges them to fund different projects at the university.

Sheikh Baqshan implemented several infrastructure-related projects at the university such as hostels and connecting all the faculties at the university with an information network as well as offering scholarships for distinctive students.

In a statement to the Yemen Times at the beginning of the week, Prof. Ahmad Omar Bamashmous, university rector, said two faculties in the university will be allocated to a new area after completing all the equipment for the Faculty of Engineering at a total cost of $11 million.

The Faculty of Medicine is waiting for the process of furnishing the building and providing the necessary equipment.

Bamashmous reviewed the projects that have been planned to be implemented at the university during the year, pointing out that an agreement has been reached concerning the construction of the Faculty of Nursery, sponsored by Sheikh Abdussalam Bahamdab and funded by the Islamic Center Project.

He clarified furthermore that they are about to finish the design of the 11 buildings that were forwarded to the ministry of planning and international cooperation and will be discussed in the meeting of Yemeni-Saudi Coordination Council.