Canadian Oxy’s Galla at the Sheraton: Great Show on a Great Occasion [Archives:1999/41/Local News]

October 11 1999

Dr. Waleed Jazrawi, the President and General Manager of Canadian Occidental Petroleum Yemen, held a small celebration on the occasion of autumn thanksgiving in Canada, called “Corn of Plenty” 7th of October. The reception and dinner, which took place at the Sheraton hotel, were concluded with a spectacular show from a Russian group. In his opening statement, Dr. Jazrawi welcomed the recently assigned in the company, and thanked the hard working employees who have spared no efforts for Canadian Oxy through the years. It is worth mentioning that the event is also considered to be a farewell ceremony for Dr. Jazrawi, who will be ending his work in about two months. On behalf of Yemen Times, we wish the company all success, and Dr. Jazrawi a pleasant stay in his last couple of months in Yemen.