Canadians patronized too [Archives:2003/696/Letters to the Editor]

December 22 2003

Bigroy M.
[email protected]

I live in the centre of Canada, about seventy five miles from the American border so I've heard plenty of comments like that of Peter Ireland-born who wrote in a letter the editor:
“When you have finally grasped the problems in your backyard, we will have leaped ahead again leaving you even further behind culturally and economically.”
We Canadians are exposed to their (Americans') patronizing sense of superiority all the time, so I'd like to relate a saying used by our North American Indians: “When you say you are leading us, you are not considering that we may not be going the same way as you.”
Patience and a thick skin is needed around that kind of person.
On another issue, as a Canadian, my country enjoys the pleasure of membership in the Commonwealth. I cannot express how desperately disappointed I was that Yemen was not admitted as a member of the Commonwealth.
Of all the countries I would have wanted to be aligned with as a sibling state, Yemen rates first.
I fervently hope Yemen applies again. I am at an absolute loss on this. If there was a problem, of all the countries I would have welcomed an exception for, it would be Yemen.
Please encourage your leaders to come again with an application.