Can’t we be safe in Yemen? [Archives:2004/802/Letters to the Editor]

December 27 2004

Nabeel Alabadany
Detroit, USA
[email protected]

I do not know where to start from. Should I start from the criminal act that took place in Aden or the one that happened likewise in Sana'a. In Aden 2 innocent people died by a policeman (as most of them -if not all- are indeed ignorant), one of them died in front of his child. Can you imagine yourself dead in front of your own child or as a child to see your dad being killed? Another high-rank policeman killed a civilian in Aden (God knows for what reason). And one of the very well known figures dies or was killed in Sana's with his wife, right in the middle of the capital city. The question that imposes and forces itself is “What is going on? Aren't we safe in our own country? How can people get killed by their protectors (the police) or die in their homes while in peace?

Is there any way that our government could provide safety and stability to the country, so that all the people abroad can go back home and live in peace and contribute in building the country? Does anybody has an answer for all these questions…