Carelessness! [Archives:2003/646/Letters to the Editor]

June 30 2003

Khalid Alrowaishan
[email protected]

I read the topic about the burning of the equipment at the Al-Jumhuriah Hospital. I was very shocked to hear that the equipment was received in the mid 90's and were not installed since then. I am not well aware of the circumstances that led such a thing to happen, but my first reaction is that “This is absolute carelessness, corruption, mismanagement” whatever you want to call it, it is wrong and bad.
Do the management of the hospital, the ministry of Public health even care about the country's well being and equipment? That is what needs to be answered.
At the end, I am grateful for Yemen Times and their professionalism in delivering the news, so that everyone that is out of the mother country can follow some of what goes on.