Cars’ Customs Committee [Archives:2004/720/Local News]

March 15 2004

Hassan Al-Zaidi
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Alaway Al-Salami, announced that work of the cars customs committee that start on Saturday March 12, would be terminated on April 12, 2004. He pointed out the importance that Traffic Police to seize and to bring cars with old license plates to the customs committee.
The Traffic Police Dept. of Ministry of Interior is to withdraw the temporary plates (Customs duties not paid), granted to car owners.
The Government, through these measures, is seeking to confront the budget deficit it faces, to complete the registration process of cars and to reduce customs tax evasion of thousands of cars pouring into the country from the borders.
Following this, the Government intends to cancel custom fees on recent models of cars and to prevent importing used cars, which possess serious risks on the environment.