Causes of motor Accident [Archives:2006/970/Letters to the Editor]

August 7 2006

By: Ali Sherif
[email protected]

When the tire of your car fails to perform on the road while you are driving at top speed you end up in a car accident – tire bursts lead to road accidents. The road accident does not necessarily rest on the driver's failure to control the wheel, lack of driving skill or the car's poor condition. More importantly we have to focus and identify the causes with the deep sense of concern for mitigation purpose. I have observed new tires in a new car get burst and that is bad tire performance needless to mention the consequences of the accident. The tires made available consumers are of two types and one is meant for snow and others are for our environment. The snow tires are designed for cold weather in Europe or other continents and cannot cope up with heat of the road on the surface in our climate type so a tire burst is inevitable. The reused tires are another risk as motorists are not aware that tires have life spans of only six years.

Well, I am confident that the quality control institution and the traffic department of the Ministry of Interior will hear the bell loud and clear.