Charity should start at home [Archives:2003/647/Letters to the Editor]

July 3 2003

David Lynch
[email protected]

I read your article: Tolerance needed. You mention “Hate Mail.” I too do believe the YT's does not yet provide balanced news. But why do Muslims hate us, Jews and each other. It appears Muslims delight in the death of each other just as they enjoy killing a Jew or an American (killing our precious missionaries “to feel better.”
Saddam killed a million plus Muslims)aggressively. However, Jews respond to Muslims killing them in a defensive measure while they collect body parts of their love ones and children.
Most, but not all, Persians and Arabs being. Muslims are like Siamese Twins, one eats Watermelon, and the other spits-out-seeds. Yet the Arabs go to Iran to hide)the Iranians go to Iraq to claim their dead. What a religion!
You said: ” . . . We live in one world and on one planet and we need to live together in tolerance and peace. Only then will we be able to learn from one another and help each other.” I know you mean well, Mr. Al-Saqqaf, but I say charity)should start at home!