Chief Editor of Al-Thawri Deposed [Archives:2000/19/Local News]

May 8 2000

Sources close to Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP) have disclosed speculations on the possibility of sacking Mr Ali Mohammed Al-Sorari from his post as chief editor of Al-Thawri newspaper in the wake of his latest articles of libel against Mr Mohammed Heidarah Masdos, member of the party. Leaked information revealed that the articles were in favor of Jar Allah Omar, and against Mr Masdos.
What has been published in the latest issue of the paper gives clear indications of the change. The paper published an article responding to Al-Sorari’s articles against and republished Masdos’ interview given to the latest issue of Al-Wassat magazine. In addition, there was a very small piece of news on Jar Allah Omar without publishing his picture, as it was usually done.
On the other hand, news has been reported on the possibility of appointing Al-Sorer chief editor of Al-Shwora, mouthpiece of the Popular Forces Federation, which announced in its last issue the meeting of central committee as scheduled last Saturday. However, the meeting was not held and that aroused doubts about Al-Sorari’s expected new appointment.
On his part, Masdos has threatened to resign from the party if positive changes were not effected.