Children Parliament Project in Yemen [Archives:2000/07/Local News]

February 14 2000

With the cooperation of the Ministry of Education, Activists Corporation for Human Rights intends to implement children Parliament project in the Capital Secretariat.
Some sources of this corporation have mentioned that the first period has started by choosing 31 corporations in the Capital Secretariat. These projects are ten private schools, ten public schools for boys and eleven public schools for girls. Those who are between 12- 15- years will be chosen to join the Parliament. Child and girl will be chosen from each school to be elected to the Parliament. After the election, they will hold the first parliamentary cession to discuss child rights.
This project aims at choosing 20,000 as partners in the democratic procedures that forms the Parliament. These procedures are represented by nominating, debating and voting. In addition to this, the Parliament must be consist of 31 members. Four sessions will be held a year and there must be a constitution and program for this Parliament.