CHINESE EXPERT BEATEN [Archives:2000/32/Local News]

August 7 2000

The “Yemen Times” source in Aden said that a Chinese engineer working at Aden Sewerage Project, implemented by a Chinese company, was assaulted early this week by a traffic policeman. The policeman alleged that the engineer had obstructed traffic after laying sewerage pipes near a footpath at Khormaksar area. To the surprise of the pedestrians the policeman sent blows on the engineer with his fist.
Eye-witnesses at the scene said the policeman threw dust and pebbles on the Chinese expert’s face, who stood nonplused at the policeman’s behavior. The appearance of security guards of Aden Security Director saved the situation.
Meanwhile, last week Yemeni traffic policemen were adorned with badges on their traffic gear and armed with batons . The move came owing to assaults on policemen from drivers; particularly drivers of “luxurious” vehicles.