CIA betrayed [Archives:2003/674/Letters to the Editor]

October 6 2003

Robert Lindh
[email protected]

George Bush betrayed his own CIA agent because he was criticized by the agent's husband, Ambassador Wilson. The same situation occurs daily in Iraq when the CIA promises safety to Iraqis who come forward with information. Just yesterday, 2 Iraqi scientists were shot and one killed for working with US intelligence. Why? Because George Bush betrayed them. He promised safety, just like he did to Wilson's wife and then, because he didn't like her husband's politics named her as an undercover agent.
This ought to be a lesson to any Yemeni citizen who might consider giving aid to the FBI or the CIA in Yemen or anywhere else in the Middle East. The CIA case worker who employs such people now runs a high risk of being exposed by his or her own government – and that means an even higher risk for anyone who associates with the case worker. By high risk, I mean being murdered. Yes, I understand that Yemen needs economic help and that US agents have the cash to pay for favors, but a bullet in the head is a high price to pay for a few months employment. Ask Mrs. Wilson's agents how they feel about it – if they are still alive. This whole situation is just one more example of a US administration gone insane with power.