CIDA Brings Parliamentarians and NGOs Together [Archives:1998/15/Law & Diplomacy]

April 13 1998

It is based on a model the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) successfully implemented in Lebanon. In collaboration with a local Lebanese NGO – the Forum, CIDA has carried out a major awareness package on the workings of parliament and NGOs. “The project aims to increase the level of understanding as to the role and functions of these two critical institutions in a democratic system,” said Dr. Norman Cook, Director of NGOs and Special Initiatives at CIDA.

The project also calls for learning from other democratic experiences. “That is why we brought in a number of Canadian members of parliament who are of Lebanese extract,” Mr. Cook added.
The project takes into account the various religious and geographic affiliations and sensitivities in Lebanon, and tries to bring harmony and synergy to the inter-relationship. Over the last two years since its inception, the project has done very well.

“We hope to be able to replicate this project in Yemen,” an enthusiastic Cook said. He has his eyes set on ways and means for CIDA to help in Yemen’s democratization process.
“We will visit Sanaa during mid-June, 1998, in order to find projects and partners.” Continued from page 1: