Citizens in Aden urge President’s help [Archives:2004/731/Local News]

April 22 2004

A group of ten citizens of Aden governorate sent a 'Call-for-Help-letter' to President Saleh, urging him to stop the oppression put on them by secret service officials.
The letter was titled “Mr. President, they're using their positions as personal power”, was sent by Mr. Naser Ahmed Al-Hemyari on behalf of group. It stated their confidence that the President's involvement will put an end to their sufferings as it “did before.”
The letter laid the group's problem as being tenants who were not able to own homes due the extortion of land by “some officials.” Fearing homelessness, as their economic situation worsened, the group occupied three unfinished houses, which they finished and settled down in with their families.
It also stressed that the group was allowed to live in building by a Presidential Order on 23/8/1998, as a result of their complaint to the Governor, after they were forced out of the buildings by police.
Mr. Al-Hemyari asserted his shock when he was sent to prison by order from the Director of Political Security (Al-Amn As-Siyasi). Urging the president's immediate action, he signified the unbearable situation he, and the others as well, live in because of their continuous fear of those “officials.