Civic society role in promotingDevelopment Millennium Goals [Archives:2005/848/Local News]

June 6 2005

With cooperation of UNDP, the Yemeni Woman Union along with working groups civil society organizations held a workshop on Sunday 29 May entitled “The role of the civic society in enhancing the development goals of millennium”.

Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Sofan, the minister of Planning and international cooperation, attended the opening ceremony and addressed the civic society “There is a need for the partnership of the civic society organizations, the active and hard-working ones that should cooperate with the government to meet the eight development millennium goals by 2015 “

The minister in his speech also asked the donors to keep their promises and assist the Yemeni government achieving the development goals.

Dr. Muthar AL-Abassi, the deputy minister of planning and international cooperation, presented a paper entitled ” The importance of involving the millennium development goals in developmental plans” in which he displayed the development indicators that Yemen has tried in achieving development. The indicators showed that Yemen is likely to achieve just two goals; in the health and education field.

Ms. Ramzia AL-Eryani, the head of the Yemeni Women Union, explained, “through this workshop a number of papers were prepared with the working group Civil Society Organizations attempting to take part in identifying the needs for preparing the third and fifth plan and the poverty alleviation strategy to achieve the millennium goals”

Ms. AL-Eryani added, ” There are 4888 civic organizations. So the working group civic society organizations was established and supported by Oxfam in September 2002 within the follow-up mechanism to implement poverty alleviation strategy. The Working group civic society organizations contains 21 organizations working in 19 governorates and representing various civic society.”

AL-Eryani stressed on the importance of actual partnership between the government and the civic society organizations to meet the development millennium goals by 2015.

The participants discussed many themes such as the nature of the real civic work, and identifying its needs, challenges face the civic work and building the institutional capacities of the organization work in this field as well as the role of donors in promoting Yemen in achieving the millennium goals.