Clerics mediate between political dispute parties [Archives:2007/1105/Local News]

November 22 2007

SANA'A, Nov, 21-Ninety Yemeni clerics have decided to mediate to solve dispute between political elites and give them advices to avoid current crises

The sheikhs , including Abdul-Majid Al-Zindani , Mohammed Ismael Al-Amrani, Abdul-Wahab Al-Dailami and Mohammed Al-Sadiq Moghales, have confirmed in a statement the right of people to ask for their legal rights according to constitution and laws.

The statement of so-called Yemeni Clerics Forum, signed by ninety clerics, called upon all Yemeni clerics “to hold a symposium to discuss current situations in the country and showing religious duty towards such events”.

Their statement was following other statements released by clerics in Hadhramout condemning latest protests and sits in that Yemen has witnessed, especially in southern provinces and a statement by Yemeni Clerics Association regarding events in Sa'ada.

The clerics have formed a preparatory committee for the symposium and assigned some clerics to contact with senior officials and leaders of political parties to listen to their visions about the current crisis and give them advices to avoid disputes and unite efforts to save the country's interests.

“The country is witnessing bad situations that encumber people and political disputes that threaten Yemen's unity and its present and future,” said the statement. It pointed that Yemen also faces foreign menaces that target its security and stability, as it said.

“We have to refer to the Holy Qura'an and the Sonna of prophet Mohammed to keep our unity and spread religious brotherhood amongst Yemeni people,” said the clerics.