COCA measures in fighting corruption are ineffective [Archives:2007/1042/Local News]

April 16 2007

SANA'A, April 14 ) a report, submitted by the Education Committee at the Parliament concerning the periodic reports of the Central Organization for Control and Audit (COCA) on the Ministry of Education and the performance of its governorate branches, pinpointed that the measures followed by the COCA are not effective in combating corruption .Also, it pointed out that those measures cause financial violations to accumulate. Thus, combating corruption seems impossible.

In its session held on Monday, April 10, the committee, in its report, mentioned that COCA does not make a comprehensive control as it just selects samples from some education offices in the governorates and some sectors to audit. Additionally, most of the time, replies coming from the selected parties are not convincing or incomplete and the Ministry of Education claims it will follow such cases.

It also indicated that the COCA applied no measure but raising the financial and administrative notices and informing the Ministry of Education's leadership and its governorate offices about what's going on. On the other hand, the ministry of Education refers such notices to the concerned authorities to reply to COCA's notices and give the reasons for which the violations were committed.

The report further elaborated on the notices posed by COCA as well as the replies of the Ministry of Education. In addition, it addressed the violations committed by ministry-of-education offices in some governorates such as the Capital, Sabwah, Mareb, Sa'ada, Taiz, and Hadramout.

Moreover, the Parliament discussed COCA notices on the final statements of the General Corporation for School Furniture and Equipments in Aden, of the General Corporation for School Book Printing Press, and of the Research and Education Development Center.