Collections of great writers issued [Archives:2004/797/Local News]

December 9 2004

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has recently issued the complete collection of the great writer Abdullah Salem Bawazir. This project is part of the Sana'a Arab Cultural Capital 2004 festivities and has added to the 28 books of other writers that were issued previously.
The complete poetic collection of Abdullah Ghudwah and all works of the historian Abdullah Muhairiz were also published.
The ministry has also issued in the last months a number of complete collections of the poets such as Mohammed Mahmoud al-Zubairi, Saleh al-Hamed, Mohammed Saeed Jaradah, Lutfi Ja'afer Aman, Edris Hanbala, Ismail al-Wareeth, Abdulrahman Ebrahim, and Mohammed Hussein Haytham.
The Information Unit of Sana'a, Arab Cultural Capital 2004, commented that the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Khaled al-Rowaishan, is interested in publishing the complete collections of distinguished young writers, poets, and researchers.